Windows developer machine build

For the last few months I have be waiting to finalise a custom build PC build to use as my developer workstation and also a home server. I will be using the Windows server 2016 as the main OS and multiple other OS as VM’s. With this in mind I wanted to get at-least 32 GB , will the option to upgrade it to 64 GB if needed. Below is the configuration I used for the build. Gaming was never considered while building this machine.

# Item Price Comments
1. Intel SSD 540 Series 240G 2.5in SATA $119.00
2. Intel Core i7 6700 Quad Core LGA 1151 3.4GHz CPU Processor  $439.00
3. Gigabyte GeForce GT 730 2GB Video Card  $89.00
4. Corsair CS55oM 550W ATX Power Supply, 80+ Gold Certified, Semi Modular Design, (4+4)pin EPS  $119.00  Initial plan was to buy a 240W, however after talking to the technician
at the store changed it to 550W as he suggested that it is way too much for my needs
5. Corsair Carbide Series  200R Compact ATX Case with Window  $95.00  Definitely way big for my needs by I also had in mind options
to add additional HDD drives for media needs
6. Corsair 32GB (2x16GB) CMK32GX4M2A2400C14 DD4 2400MHz Vengeance LPX DIMM Black  $249.00
7. Asus Z170-K LGA1151 ATX Motherboard  $179.00
8. ASUS PCE-N15 WLAN PCI-Express N300 LP  $18.00  This is a temporary addition and hence just purchased the cheapest one
Total  $1307.00

I used a few items like a 2TB hdd and my dual monitor setup from my existing box in the new build and so not included in the above list. While I am not expert in PC building, I am fairly happy with this build and so far it is performing great.